Resilience Builder for Business

Resilience Builder for Business

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Unlock the potential of a mentally healthy workplace with our affordable online course:

  • Elevate your workforce with crucial skills and knowledge that drive engagement and productivity.
  • Proactively champion mental health, reaping benefits for both your team and yourself.
  • Embark on the journey today to nurture a robust and thriving work environment.
  • Above all, make mental well-being a top priority.

In business, we face challenges and unexpected situations. Effective responses are crucial for bouncing back and thriving. The Resilience Builder Course provides essential tools and strategies for navigating these challenges with grace and determination.

Create a thriving and robust workforce today!

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Resilience Builder Course

What is the Resilience Builder Course?

The resilience builder comprises various modules designed to enhance cognitive abilities. It empowers to navigate stressful situations more effectively and develop improved coping mechanisms. By engaging with these modules, it can proactively aid your workforce in challenging circumstances, fostering a stronger sense of resilience.

What is resilience?

Resilience is the extraordinary ability to adapt, cope, and recover from setbacks, stress, and difficult life events. It’s not just about being tough; it’s about embracing change, developing emotional intelligence, and harnessing the power of your mindset to overcome obstacles.

Why choose the Resilience Builder Course?

Choosing the resilience builder course offers invaluable benefits for enhancing the ability to handle stress and challenging situations with greater ease and confidence. This comprehensive program equips anyone with essential thinking tools and practical strategies to help proactively during difficult times. By honing  resilience, it can cultivate a resilient mindset, bolster emotional well-being, and build the necessary skills to thrive in the face of adversity. Whether it’s looking to improve personal resilience or professional performance, the resilience builder course empowers with the tools needed to navigate life’s complexities with resilience and grace.

Ready to book?

Resilience Builder retails at just £25 +VAT per course and whilst the standard purchase is normally a minimum of 10 vouchers per company, bespoke packages can be arranged by negotiation.


Discounts available on all purchases over 50 vouchers.

An overview of the Course Contents

Prevention is always better than cure and therefore building the overall resilience of the workforce is something that constitutes both commercial common sense and a moral imperative.


Effective deployment of Resilience Builder requires two things:

Free course completion and evaluation by company HR staff; followed by,

Buy-in from senior management for funding approval AND for an hour of time in work for employees to complete it.

By senior management approving procurement of the course and HR leads promoting its completion on work time, the company is able to demonstrate a tangible duty of care to its people. As a direct result of this commitment, companies can also accrue the secondary benefit of demonstrating that they are leading on best mental health practice to their own clients and customers. Feedback will also be provided back to senior management via HR on the completion of the course by the workforce.

Resilience Builder Course for Business

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Resilience Builder Course for Business
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