Donate To Your Local Toy Appeal This Christmas 2023

18 December 2023

Every year thousands of children, young people and families face hardships over the Christmas period. A lot will only be able to afford very little or nothing at all. With financial pressures mixed with the cost of living crisis, this puts massive pressures on families which financial and emotional distress when Christmas should be the most festive and magical time being enjoyed with loved ones. Making impossible decisions on whether they should heat their homes, purchase food or buying a Christmas present for their children.


1 in 7 parents can’t afford to buy a present for their children

Here at COSAC, we believe that every family should be able to celebrate Christmas, without the struggle and burden of being able to afford the basic necessities required to live or making their children’s Christmas a magical one. Every family and child deserve to have a happy time and to open something on Christmas day, the parents seeing smiles on their children’s faces – priceless.


This is when we as a country step in and help those in need, as little as £10-£15 would be enough to buy one or more gift for children, both girls and boys. A lot of companies or businesses have deals on where you can even buy 3 for 2 to fit into your budget. But the gifts you buy must be new, unopened or unused – used gifts are not accepted at most if not all toy appeals, so please make sure you follow this before donating!


Over half of parents feel this Christmas will badly affect their mental health because of money worries

There are Local Toy Appeals dotted everywhere in most towns, villages and counties so search the one that is closest to you. You can pop down and donate your gifts, which will then be distributed generously to those in need. You could even set up your own donation, you can download packs for your businesses and set up gift trees. This would include the childs name, age and if they are a boy/girl – you can take a tag and attach this to your gift and will then be sent on to that child when the day comes.


1 in 5 parents can’t afford to heat their home

There are many different ways you can help a family this Christmas with just a simple toy donation or raising funds to donate which will also go towards presents or help families with household essentials or help keep the heating on during the winter months. Every little helps.


At COSAC, we’ve embraced a remote work setup, with team members scattered across the country. Due to this geographical spread, traditional office events like Secret Santa are not feasible for us. However, we’ve found a meaningful alternative. Rather than exchanging gifts within the team, we’ve collectively decided to pool the funds we would have spent on Secret Santa and use them to purchase toys for different charities throughout the UK. This way, we aim to bring joy to children during the Christmas season and bring smiles to the faces of families facing challenges during this festive period. You can see below some of the lovely donations that have been made by the employees of COSAC and we hope the children enjoy these as much as we enjoyed donating them!


Donate To Your Local Toy Appeal This Christmas 2023Donate To Your Local Toy Appeal This Christmas 2023Donate To Your Local Toy Appeal This Christmas 2023