2024 e-Awards: Digital Assessment Excellence

25 March 2024

e-assessment awards

Exciting news for COSAC!

We are very pleased to announce that our very own e-Assessment Manager, Kathy Seddon, has been chosen to serve as one of the esteemed judges for the prestigious e-Assessment International Conference Awards 2024! She is an accomplished professional with over 25 years of experience in education. As the e-Assessment Manager at COSAC, she leads the development of COSAC’s cutting-edge e-Assessment solution, ensuring its continual evolution to meet the dynamic needs of customers.


As a judge, Kathy will play a pivotal role in recognising and celebrating the most ground-breaking and transformative developments in e-Assessment. Her wealth of experience and keen insights are sure to contribute significantly to the rigorous evaluation process, ensuring that the most deserving individuals and projects receive the recognition they deserve.


“Evaluating entries for the ‘Most Innovative Use of Technology’ category resonates deeply with COSAC’s commitment to innovation, and I’m eager to celebrate the remarkable strides made in e-assessment.” – Kathy Seddon


She’s really putting her skills and expertise into this! Fully committed to recognising excellence and innovation in e-Assessment. With her extensive experience in assessment and background in education technology, Kathy brings a discerning eye to the judging panel. Her past involvement as a judge in college enterprise projects, akin to Dragons’ Den scenarios, has prepared her well for this role.


About eAA

The e-Assessment Association was founded in 2008 as a non-profit organisation dedicated to representing diverse industry sectors interested in e-assessment. Educational institutions ranging from schools to higher education, qualification providers, regulatory bodies, technology companies and industry consultants make up the rest of the membership across UK and beyond. They pride themselves on our global reach and diverse community – over 1,800 people worldwide are members.


There are nine awards/categories that are up for grabs. These are:

  • Best Practitioner of the Year
  • Lifetime Contribution Award
  • Best Workplace or Talent Assessment Project
  • Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment
  • Best Transformational Project
  • Best Research
  • Best International Implementation
  • Best Formative Assessment Project
  • Best Summative Assessment Project


We’re thrilled for Kathy as she joins an esteemed panel of judges! Best wishes to all participants in this event! May everyone find inspiration, organisers be effective, and attendees have a fantastic time and leave satisfied. Here’s to a momentous occasion filled with unforgettable memories and positive outcomes!