Unveiling New Mobile Testing for COSAC eLearning Courses

2 February 2024

Exciting news! We proudly announce a major upgrade to the COSAC learning experience. We’ve invested significantly, enabling final testing on mobile devices, including phones and tablets.


Your Feedback, Your Desires, Our Delivery

Your feedback matters. We’ve carefully considered it, addressing the construction industry’s needs. Safe2Site customers can now conveniently complete their entire COSAC eLearning course, including the test, on their mobile phones!


Understanding Customer Requirements

Understanding your requirements is our priority at COSAC. Whether on a tablet, smartphone, Android, or iPad, our recent update allows learners to seamlessly navigate through course content and confidently tackle assessments from the palm of their hand. With mobile testing, available 24/7 from any location, flexibility is at the forefront. We’re committed to delivering on our word.


Empowering Your Learning Journey

Empowering your learning journey is our belief. Learners now have the choice to complete the course and tests on a mobile phone or tablet, fitting into any lifestyle. We understand busy schedules and active lifestyles require options, so we’re offering this freedom of choice.


Adapting to eLearning Trends

Adapting to eLearning trends, our mobile testing feature includes various formats, such as quizzes, interactive scenarios, and videos, ensuring learners can showcase their skills and knowledge differently. By utilizing mobile devices, we’re not just keeping up with trends; we’re transforming how eLearning works for our valued customers.


In conclusion, introducing mobile testing is a significant step towards inclusivity and a flexible learning journey. As technology and education evolve, our aim is to prioritize customer needs. COSAC is actively leading in the ever-changing landscape of eLearning, always putting your needs first.