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Safe2Site Supervision Training for Business

  • Elevate your team’s skills with our Supervision Training, earning the respected SSSTS certification from CITB.
  • This flexible course allows your team to learn at their own pace, typically taking 8 hours to complete online.
  • Successful completion grants a 5-year certification and the option to join the CITB register.
  • All for just £195 +VAT, with potential CITB grants for your organisation.
    Invest in your team’s growth today!

    All for just £195 +VAT, with potential CITB grants for your organisation.

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Our B2B Solutions

Safe2Site Supervision Training is quick and easy

We assure you that all your candidates will receive certification within 24 hours, with an impressive average turnaround time of just 4 hours. We proudly offer the fastest delivery time among all training providers in the industry.

Buy Safe2Site Supervision Training in bulk with COSAC

The S2SST Online course stands as the most cost-effective, swift, and efficient route for your employees to attain their CITB Supervision accreditation.


Ensuring that your workforce possesses the requisite skills and expertise is crucial for facilitating the efficient operation and successful growth of your business. With COSAC’s S2SST training course, you can guarantee that your employees will swiftly complete their Supervision Training.

Placing Your Groups S2SST Order

You have the option to purchase as many S2SST courses as required at the affordable rate of only £195 VAT. Making a bulk order for the S2SST training course is now incredibly straightforward, accomplished in just seven simple steps.

Course Benefits

COSAC proudly presents the SSSTS course as an exclusive online offering, establishing it as the sole CITB-approved, fully flexible site supervision training solution. Unlike traditional classroom or remote courses, which necessitate advance booking and a two-day commitment, S2SST is accessible immediately, boasts a streamlined completion time, and eliminates the need for employees to take time off from the worksite to achieve qualification.

Learn at home

Our online course offers a convenient solution for businesses, eliminating the need for travel to a training venue or the necessity of employees taking time off from work.

CITB Endorsed

S2SST stands out as the sole CITB-approved Site Supervision training program available entirely online, providing unparalleled flexibility for businesses.

100% online

There is no requirement for reserving a spot; you can commence your learning journey immediately and undergo testing at any time, day or night, to suit your business needs.

Flexible around you

Achieve certification within an 8-10 hour session, or tailor your learning to accommodate a demanding business schedule across multiple days.

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Course Book

CITB Site Safety Plus, Construction Site Supervision Book GE706


for the eBook version

(A hard copy is £28.75)

Bought directly from CITB


We will create a dedicated business account for you, allowing you to buy courses in the necessary quantities and enroll your own students.

Each employee will need a copy of the CITB Site Safety Plus Construction Site Supervision Book GE706, which can be either a physical hard copy or an eBook.

You can login into your dashboard to check on your candidates progress throughout.

Training can be completed in 8-10 hours or over a period of time.

The test can be taken at any location and at any time, 24/7, without the need for prior booking.

Certification received within 24 hours! *the average time is 4 hours*

How It Works


Buy Safe2Site online course

First, click the ‘Buy Now’ button below this section to begin the process.


Enable Group Purchase

Simply tick the box next to ‘Enable Group Purchase’. 


Choose the number of courses

Then select or input how many CSCS courses you require.


Add to Basket

Simply select ‘Add to Basket’ and then you can proceed to check out! 

Safe2Site Supervisor Training

First, click the 'Buy Now' button below this section to begin the process.

Safe2Site Online CSCS

Enable Group Purchase

Simply tick the box next to 'Enable Group Purchase'. 


Choose the number of courses

Then select or input how many S2SST courses you require.


Add to basket

Simply select 'Add to Basket' and then you can proceed to check out! 


Enrol your candidates

Click 'Enrol Students' tab and simply enter in the name and email address of your student.

Safe2Site Supervisor Training

Candidate receives login credentials

Candidate simply logs in using the details received and can start promptly.

Safe2Site Supervisor Training

Track your candidates progress

You can see from your dashboard how far your candidate has progressed through their course.

Safe2Site Supervisor Training

Learning Outcomes

Your workforce will receive a thorough, highly relevant understanding of the legal framework and associated requirements expected of a supervisory role within construction.


By the end of our S2SST course, they will have a full understanding of:

Health & Safety law and how it applies to supervisors

The Supervisory responsibilities in controlling the site safely

Risk assessments and the need for method statements

Effective site inductions and toolbox talks

Effective method statement briefings

Effective monitoring of site activities

Timely intervention when bad practice is identified

The certification for this course will be valid for 5 years. Please note, to remain certified, they will need to take a refresher course before the expiry date on their certificate. Otherwise, the full course will need to be retaken.

Why choose COSAC?

COSAC is a market leading academy that offers training and assessment, combining a people-first approach with high tech innovation. Based in the UK, we were the first to develop a CSCS approved online alternative course for the Green Labourer Card – Safe2Site. Now we’re offering the first and only CITB endorsed online alternative to SSSTS.


By choosing COSAC for S2SST, you’re guaranteed:

100% online training

100% flexibility

100% CITB approved

Complete your course in 8-10 hours

Get qualified without time off work

No classroom training

Valid for 5 years

A highly trusted training provider

24/7 testing

No booking required – available now!

Employers can buy in bulk

Introductory discount for a limited time

Safe2Site Supervisor Training

Employers - buy in bulk

We provide the option to buy your S2SST training and assessments in bulk.

Simply enter the number you require at the checkout stage. Once submitted, you’ll be able to access the courses right away.

 For more details, please get in touch and a member of our friendly, professional team will assist you with any queries.

What our clients say on Trustpilot

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4.9 – Excellent

Sam Lowe
Read More
All i can say is wow! Big thank you to cosac! My online training was incredibly simple. Brilliant set up and easy to navigate through! Would highly recommend them! 10/10. Awesome stuff!! Thank you so much.
Edward Acheampong
Read More
The learning materials were very helpful and clear. I could combine work and learning without having to take day off. Taking the test online via a video link was very simple and good experience.
Read More
Very simple to use and very helpful The course covers all aspects of questions that’s needed for test I would definitely recommend
Matt Jones
Read More
Quick simple to use, everything explained properly. Very fast with certificate issuing. Good job
Sukhjinder Singh
Read More
Excellent experience. The materials are really easy and simple and really easy to memorise. The test is simple as well.
George Tomkins
Read More
What a great experience, easy to follow instructions, clear communications from the start to the finish, they even wished me luck for my course and congratulated me when I passed. The course price is competitive but the service is first class.

New to Safe2Site Supervision Training?

A supervisory role within construction requires your workforce to have the ability to collaborate with other people and teams on-site, including contractors, employees and employers. Identifying hazards and risk on site is key to ensuring minimisation of accidents or injuries.



S2SST certification demonstrates that your workforce have the knowledge and skills to supervise effectively. It shows they’re capable of promoting the health, safety and welfare of everyone on site under their supervision. It also ensures they can comply with all relevant legislation surrounding on-site operations and projects.

Equipment required

CITB Construction Site Supervision publication (GE706 2020) Hard copy or eBook version

Optional - Pack of highlighters and pack of 3 colour Post-It notes (for course textbook use)

Access to a computer/laptop with a webcam for the test


Agree or strongly agree that Safe2Site is easy to use


Successful Safe2Site candidates


CSCS & CITB approved


Pass rate

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Get our S2SST course at a reduced price.



(Standard price with £30 off)

*For group booking or ongoing bookings, please contact us to discuss pricing

Course Book

CITB Site Safety Plus, Construction Site Supervision Book GE706


for the eBook version

(A hard copy is £28.75)

Bought directly from CITB


Is Safe2Site Supervisor Training (S2SST) the same as CITB SSSTS course?

Yes is it.  Safe2Site Supervisor Training (S2SST) has been mapped against the same course standards and is approved and certificated by CITB.  S2SST is the only fully online course that has been approved by CITB as an equivalent to the SSSTS course.


This means that:

  • S2SST is accredited by CITB as an equivalent to the SSSTS course
  • S2SST appears on the CITB Training Directory
  • Anyone completing S2SST is trained to be a Site Supervisor and will receive a certificate valid for 5 years
  • All qualifications are uploaded on to CITB Training Register
  • S2SST is tier 2 CITB levy funded course

What is the S2SST course?

Safe2Site Supervision Training (S2SST), approved by CITB, is a fundamental training course that aims to improve the quality and safety of work across all construction sites. Throughout the course, you will be exposed to important scenarios underlying health, safety, and environmental issues so that you become aware of them, and know-how to resolve them. S2SST also covers the legal requirements that a company must follow while operating on a construction site.   


By the end of the S2SST course, you will have a good understanding in: 

  • Apply technical skills to create a safe working environment  
  • Ensuring that your organisation is exercising health and safety principles 
  • Undertaking risk assessments and creating a method statement  
  • Conducting briefs to the team and the company
  • Inducting new starters on to the site 
  • Overseeing all the operations on the site
  • Identifying issues with work that is being carried out 
  • Addressing problems associated with health, safety, and environment

Who is S2SST for?

The S2SST course is an industry-leading training course for all on-site supervisors and managers. It is the first step of understanding all the health and safety principles associated with working in a supervisory role on a construction site,

What is involved in an S2SST course?

You first need to have a copy of the CITB Site Safety Plus, Construction Site Supervision Book GE706 (hard copy or PDF) to complete this course. You refer to the book throughout and complete the online learning, which will take you approximately 8 hours. There is then a 30 minutes test and for the last 10 minutes you can refer to your book.

What does the S2SST cover?

There are five sections:

  • Legal and Management
  • Health and Welfare
  • General Safety
  • High Activities
  • Environment

What qualification do I get?

Safe2Site Supervision Training (S2SST).  The course is approved by CITB, it has been mapped to the same standards and is fully equivalent to SSSTS.

Why do the S2SST online?

  •  The interactive online course takes approximately 8 hours, plus a 30 minute final test
  • No need to sit in classroom or on zoom call
  • The course and test can be completed in one go or over a period of days or weeks
  • Return to the course as many times as you like, it will remember and track your progress
  • Tests are available anytime 24/7
  • The first time pass rate is over 97%, with 100% overall
  • Your certificate will be available to download within 24 hours of passing

What do you need to do the S2SST online course?

The course materials can be accessed on any device connected to the Internet, but for the final assessment, you must have access to a chrome book, desktop or laptop with the following:

  • A reliable internet connection, minimum continuous speed of 2mbps (You MUST use an up to date version of the Chrome browser to take your test).
  • A working microphone and webcam.
  • Your device must also meet the following criteria:



  • Windows 10 or higher Operating System
  • Intel Pentium 4 processor or later
  • 4GB of RAM


  • OS X El Capitan 10.11 or later.

I’m an employer looking to buy for my team, can I buy several Safe2Site Supervision Training (S2SST) courses?

  • Yes, absolutely, simply put in the quantity of the number you need in the checkout
  • We offer discounts for block and ongoing bookings, contact us for a quote

What’s included in the price?

  • Unrestricted access to the Safe2Site Supervision Training (S2SST) online course
  • The end of course online final test (using your own equipment) which will be recorded and validated
  • Your downloadable Safe2Site Supervision Training (S2SST) certificate

What does the final test involve?

  • Tests are available once you have completed all your modules
  • Tests are available anytime 24/7
  • Support is available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
  • You are allowed 30 minutes to answer 30 multiple choice questions, including 10 minutes open book
  • You need to score 24 out of 30 to pass
  • You will need valid photographic ID (a passport or UK/EU driving licence)
  • You will receive your preliminary result and % score immediately
  • Certificate will be available to download within 24 hours
  • The cost of resitting a failed test is £35

What should I consider before I buy?

  •  Can I get a refund if I realise this isn’t the right course for me? You can request a refund within 14 days of purchase, but only if you haven’t accessed S2SST
  • Remember you need a copy of the CITB Site Safety Plus, Construction Site Supervision Book GE706 (hard copy or PDF version) to complete S2SST
  • Do I have access to the equipment that I need? To complete S2SST, you need access to a tablet, chrome book, desktop or laptop to take the final test. The learning materials can be accessed on any device.
  • Can I take S2SST in other languages? S2SST is only available in English and cannot be translated into any other languages
  • Can I get support for additional needs, such as dyslexia? Get in touch and we’ll tell you more about the support available

What mark do I need to get to pass the test?

The pass mark is 80% and all questions are equally weighted.  This means you need to score a minimum of 24 out of 30 to pass.

How long is S2SST valid for?

S2SST has to renewed every 5 years

What job prospects are available to me from completing the S2SST course?

This S2SST courseideal for construction Site Supervisors, Team Leaders and First-line Managers in the construction industry who would like to enhance their skills and progress in their roles.  This course is designed to teach the importance and benefits of risk assessment procedures and how to effectively communicate health and safety regulations to the team.

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(Standard price £225 – £30 off)

*For group booking or ongoing bookings,

please contact us to discuss pricing

Course Book

CITB Site Safety Plus, Construction Site Supervision Book GE706


for the eBook version

(A hard copy is £28.75)

Bought directly from CITB

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