Remote Invigilation

Remote Invigilation

What Is Remote Invigilation?

Remote invigilation, or remote proctoring, refers to the practice of overseeing and supervising assessments from a remote location using technology. TrustTest employs record and review technology, enabling candidates to test at their own convenience. 


This approach ensures flexibility while maintaining assessment security. With Cyber Essentials and ISO27001 certifications, TrustTest safeguards your customer data with confidence.

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Elevate your exam administration with TrustTest’s remote invigilation solution. By seamlessly integrating advanced technology with robust monitoring techniques, TrustTest ensures your assessments maintain their integrity, security, and equitability.

Your candidates can enjoy the flexibility of completing exams from their own spaces, eliminating the need for them to travel to a specific location. This convenience translates into increased accessibility and enhanced ease of participation.

Let TrustTest’s remote invigilation empower your organisation with a contemporary, secure, and flexible exam administration solution. By upholding the credibility and fairness of assessments, TrustTest enables you to provide an exceptional experience for both your organisation and your customers.

How Can We Enhance Your Business Needs?

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The Benefits Of TrustTest For Your Candidates

TrustTest provides a robust solution for remote invigilation during online assessments and exams. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and a secure platform, TrustTest guarantees the authenticity of the testing procedure by actively monitoring candidates. By employing webcam, microphone, and screen recording, TrustTest identifies and addresses any irregular activities, ensuring a reliable and user-friendly approach to remote testing.


All tests are available anywhere at every location

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Fuss free no software downloads required

Any Day - Any Time

Can choose a day/time which is convenient

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Can take the test from home

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Customer Testimonials

Explore the latest feedback from delighted individuals who have taken our tests!

Vince FullerTrustPilot Review
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I'm not that good with computers however this was quite straight forward to do easy step by step instructions did all modules & test in one. There is a helpline that I called twice & staff were super helpful, once I completed it all my certificate was there ready to go after 20 mins. I would recommend COSAC safe2site 100%.
AndrewTrustpilot Review
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The rest is also very straight forward. When you're confident you are ready to take the final test you basically screen record yourself doing it. Once you have completed your test you will be shown your results and if it was a pass, then you can submit the screen recording of your test and it will be sent to a validator. Within 24 hours, you will receive your online certificate. You can find this in your COSAC account dashboard, which you can then submit to CSCS and gain your green card.
Edward AcheampongTrustpilot Review
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The learning materials were very helpful and clear. I could combine work and learning without having to take a day off. Taking the test online VIA video link was very simple and good experience.

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