Booming UK Construction: 250,000 New Jobs By 2028

3 June 2024

Booming UK Construction 250,000 New Jobs By 2028

The UK construction industry is booming! According to the latest Construction Skills Network (CSN) report, the economy is on the rise, and significant growth is expected in the coming years. This surge in activity translates to a fantastic opportunity: an estimated 251,500 new construction jobs will be created by 2028.


But here’s the challenge: The industry needs a qualified workforce to keep up with this demand. This is where you come in!


Seizing the Opportunity: Get Your CSCS Green Card and SSSTS Site Supervisor Training

The CSN report highlights a specific need for skilled workers across various sectors, with public housing leading the way at a projected growth of 3.2%. To participate in this exciting market, a CSCS Green Card is a crucial first step. Safe2Site Online CSCS offers a convenient and efficient way to obtain this essential Level 1 Health & Safety qualification.


Looking to take your career a step further? Consider pursuing Safe2Site SSSTS Site Supervisor Training. By becoming a qualified site supervisor, you’ll be well-positioned to take on leadership roles and command a higher salary. The construction industry is increasingly emphasising safety and sustainability, making supervisors with SSSTS course training highly sought-after.


Equipping Yourself for the Future with SSSTS Training

The CSN report also emphasizes the growing importance of sustainability in construction. The industry is shifting towards more environmentally friendly practices, and workers with the necessary skills and knowledge will be in high demand.


By investing in your qualifications through Safe2Site’s online courses, including SSSTS training, you’ll be well-equipped to contribute to a more sustainable future for the UK construction industry.


Join the Construction Workforce with SSSTS

The UK construction industry offers a dynamic and rewarding career path. With the right training and qualifications, including a SSSTS course, you can be part of this exciting growth story. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!


Here are some additional resources to get you started:


Let’s build a skilled and sustainable future for UK construction together!