International Womens Day

8 March 2024


The construction industry, traditionally dominated by men, is undergoing an important transformation. This evolution is marked by the increasing participation of women, who bring diverse skills, perspectives, and innovation to the field. Celebrating women in construction is not just about acknowledging their presence in the sector. It’s about recognising their invaluable contributions, their resilience in breaking through barriers, and their potential to drive the industry forward.

The Historical Perspective

Historically, the construction industry has been a male-dominated field. Women’s roles were confined mainly to administrative tasks or relegated to the background. However, even during these times, women made significant contributions, often overlooked or underappreciated. They faced numerous challenges, including societal norms, lack of mentorship, gender bias, and wage gaps. The physically demanding nature of the work, coupled with the stereotype that such jobs were ‘men’s work’, also deterred many women from considering careers in construction. Despite these hurdles, pioneering women pushed boundaries and ventured into this challenging terrain. Their courage and determination paved the way for others to follow.

The Current Situation

A noticeable shift is occurring in the UK construction industry as a record proportion of women are joining the workforce. Around 340,000 women were working in the sector in the second quarter of 2023, marking an increase of 41,000 from the previous year. This influx of female talent into the industry represents a significant step forward towards gender equality and diversity. The roles that these women hold within the industry are varied and influential. Whether they are architects, engineers, project managers, or skilled tradespeople, women are bringing a fresh perspective and contributing to the growth and evolution of the industry.

Where the Industry Can Do Better

While progress has been made, there’s still a long way to go. Here are some areas where the industry can improve:

  1. Better Representation: Increasing the visibility of women in construction leadership roles is crucial. Encouraging more women to pursue careers in management, project planning, and decision-making positions is essential for fostering diversity.
  2. Recognition: Acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of women in construction is vital. Highlighting their accomplishments, whether through awards, features, or industry events, helps create role models and inspires others.
  3. Remuneration: Addressing wage gaps and ensuring equal pay for equal work is fundamental. Fair compensation is essential for attracting and retaining talented women in the industry.

Changing Societal Attitudes

Challenging stereotypes and promoting inclusivity are essential steps. We must continue to challenge the perception that construction is exclusively a male domain. By showcasing successful women in construction, we can inspire the next generation and break down barriers.

Create Flexible Working Options

Flexible work arrangements can benefit both women and the industry. Offering options such as remote work, flexible hours, and job-sharing can help retain skilled female professionals and accommodate their diverse needs.

Representation in Leadership

Having women in leadership positions is critical. Companies should actively promote and support women’s career progression, ensuring they have equal opportunities to rise through the ranks.

Making Women in Construction Visible

Visibility matters. Sharing stories, hosting events, and featuring women’s achievements in industry publications contribute to a more inclusive narrative. Let’s celebrate their contributions and amplify their voices.

We Are Dedicated to Making a Difference

Our Safe2Site courses are designed to equip both men and women with essential safety knowledge. Here’s how they benefit:

  1. Safe2Site Online CSCS:
    • Value for Money: The Safe2Site Online CSCS course, priced at £99 +VAT, provides a convenient and fully online option for obtaining your Green Card. It’s approved by both CITB and CSCS.
    • Flexible Learning: With no need for classroom attendance, you can complete the 3-hour training at your own pace. The mobile-friendly course ensures you don’t have to take time off work.
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    • Course Content: Safe2Site covers topics such as individual safety responsibilities, construction hazards, legal requirements, and practical safety standards on-site.
    • Job Prospects: Completing this course opens up job opportunities on construction sites, as the Green CSCS Labourer card requires Level 1 Health and Safety certification.

  2. Safe2Site Supervision Training (S2SST):
    • Equivalent to SSSTS: S2SST is the direct equivalent to the CITB SSSTS course. It’s designed for those working in construction, especially in supervisory roles.
    • Legal Framework Understanding: S2SST provides a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework and the associated requirements of a supervisory role.
    • Flexible Learning: The self-paced, guided eLearning takes approximately 8 hours. There are no classes to attend, and you can start immediately.
    • Certificate Validity: The S2SST certificate is valid for 5 years.
    • CITB Grants Available: If you’re considering stepping up to a supervisory position, S2SST is a valuable option.

Both Safe2Site courses empower women in construction by ensuring they have the necessary knowledge and certifications to work safely and effectively on-site. Whether it’s obtaining a Green Card or advancing to a supervisory role, Safe2Site provides the tools for success. 🏗️🔧💪

For more details, you can visit the Safe2Site Online CSCS course page and the Safe2Site Supervision Training page.


Join Us in Building a Safer, More Inclusive Industry

At our company, we’re committed to empowering women. By championing safety and education, we create a workplace where everyone can flourish. Let’s continue breaking barriers and celebrating the remarkable women shaping the future of construction!

Further Reading

For more insights and success stories, explore resources like The REbuild project, which advocates for better representation, recognition, and remuneration for women in construction.

Additionally, organisations like Women into Construction are making significant strides in promoting gender equality in the industry.


Let’s celebrate the remarkable women who shape our skylines, construct our buildings, and drive progress in construction. Happy International Women’s Day! 🌟👷‍♀️🏗️