The Benefits of an Approved CSCS Course Online

23 December 2022

Whether you’re thinking about moving into the construction industry or wishing to elevate your career to the next level, the CSCS Green card will enable you to do just that. There are several things you need to have completed in order to be fully certified and obtain your CSCS Green card. Equally, there are several options you have to complete your training. Doing your CSCS course training online brings many benefits – read our blog to find out exactly why.

Why do I need a CSCS card?

There are 13 different CSCS cards available, so it is important to know which one is correct for you. In order to work on construction sites, you’ll need the Green CSCS Labourer Card – however, obtaining this is simple and efficient.


Many employers require employees to be certified in order to access and work safely within a construction environment. A CSCS card is granted once the recognised certification has been completed. The card will enable employees to have more opportunities in their career progression, as employers and contractors are always seeking CSCS-approved employees. It will also allow development and completion of further specialised courses to obtain more skills and qualifications.


There are a plethora of different professions available in the construction industry, and so there is ample opportunity to progress within the industry. Having the requisite skills and qualifications will enable you to pursue the career of your choice.


Doing CSCS training online

So, what does CSCS card training online look like, and what does it entail? With online delivery, like the one afforded by the Safe2Site Online Course, you’re able to complete all modules at your own leisure. You will however, need to complete the Health, Safety and Environment Test separately to your online course before you can send for your Green Card.


Take the test at your own pace

Being online, you can ensure you take the qualification in the comfort of your own surroundings. This will aid you in being able to concentrate solely on the task at hand, without the distractions which may be provided within a classroom setting. The flexibility afforded by sitting a course that is solely online means you can take the course at your own pace and not be restricted by a timed test in an examination-like setting.


No time restrictions

Depending on individual preference, you can take modules on a staggered basis without losing track of your progress. When logging back into your online portal, all progress will be saved from your previous visit, meaning you’ll be able to resume the test from your previous visit.


Extremely high pass rate

Given the relaxed nature and delivery of an online training course, pass rates are much higher. The Safe2Site course has an average pass rate of 97%, so you’re incredibly likely to obtain the grade you need.


Be certified within 24 hours

Not only does a CSCS course online provide you with a great chance of passing, it means you can complete the course quickly. A course can be completed in one go, or it can be done in stages, whatever suits you best. You can receive your certification within 24 hours, but often this can be available much sooner.


CSCS card benefits

By obtaining a CSCS Green Card, you will then have the requisite documentation to demonstrate you have gone through appropriate training. Below are some of the things you will benefit from as a result of having a Green Card:

  • During your job search, rather than physical certification, you can show your Green CSCS card to illustrate your suitability for a role on a construction site.
  • Employers are more likely to take you on in a role if you have the CSCS card.
  • If you are an employer, then you will also receive benefits, as clients and contractors are aware that your employees are qualified.
  • It reduces the need for ID to be carried with you everywhere, as a CSCS card provides all the relevant information needed to verify your identity.

CSCS course online with COSAC

Finding a provider that delivers a solely online training course for your CSCS card isn’t easy; that’s where COSAC can help you.


Our Safe2Site training course is designed with you in mind, providing 100% online delivery, flexibility and fast certification. Start progressing further in your career and get certified today. You can buy our course online here, or if you have further questions, we’re more than happy to help. Whether you’re an employee or an employer, contact us today, and we can discuss all the options available to you.