Safe2Site: Celebrating Five Years of Success! Established 2018.

14 August 2023

Safe2Site: Celebrating Five Years of Success! has now completed its remarkable journey of five years, and we take immense pride in achieving this momentous milestone.


Safe2Site made it’s debut back in 2018 and since its launch, Safe2Site has undergone remarkable growth and development; being that it was the first original, approved and fully accredited course for the CSCS Green Card. It has been imitated by many, but still holds it’s firm place as being the best around! As they say “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!”.


Subsequently, in March 2020, the landscape was dramatically altered by the onset of the Covid pandemic, introducing a wave of uncertainty. However, this shift towards online platforms brought about a significant transformation, ultimately leading to a surge in COSAC’s success. Serving as the pioneering online-only course for the CSCS Green Card, COSAC experienced a substantial upswing in its achievements. This period of adaptation and innovation resulted in over 27,000 customers successfully passing their tests and obtaining their CSCS Green Cards. It’s truly amazing!


Here are some notable facts about our Safe2Site course:
  • Customer Success: Over 27,000 individuals have successfully completed the Safe2Site course, attaining their CSCS Green Cards with confidence.
  • Impressive Pass Rate: With a remarkable 97% first-time pass rate, Safe2Site’s effectiveness and user-friendly approach are evident.
  • Accessible Learning: An overwhelming 98% of candidates find the Safe2Site course easy to follow and navigate, promoting efficient learning.
  • Convenient Timing: Safe2Site offers flexibility with 24/7 availability, allowing candidates to complete the course at their own pace and convenience.
  • Efficient Duration: The average completion time for Safe2Site is just 4 hours, making it a time-efficient option for busy professionals.
  • Flexible Testing: Recognizing varied schedules, a significant 46% of customers opt to take their final tests during weekends or evenings.
  • Prompt Certification: Certificates are typically validated within 24 hours, ensuring swift recognition of your accomplishments.
  • Positive Feedback: With a Trustpilot Rating of 4.9/Excellent and a Google Rating of 4.7, Safe2Site’s outstanding reviews reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence.


These facts underscore the significance of Safe2Site as a leading online training solution for CSCS Green Card.


Safe2Site has evolved and expanded, introducing the innovative Safe2Site Supervision Training (S2SST), a fully online equivalent to SSSTS, approved by CITB. It offers construction professionals a pathway to advancement, enabling career growth and increased earning potential. It presents an opportunity to enhance skills and open doors in your career journey at an accessible introductory price of £195 +VAT.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for being a vital part of COSAC’s remarkable success. Your choice to trust us for obtaining your CSCS Green Card fills us with immense appreciation and pride. Thank you for being a valued part of our journey.